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Energy Reduction

Let’s get you started with an energy audit.

We offer energy reduction services for all scales, from warehouses to office buildings and everything in between to reduce your energy bill and increase your savings. 

We work with your energy provider to help you make back money on your new energy-efficient LEDs. Many states offer rebate incentive programs to help companies reduce their overall energy consumption. That’s where we come in, we take the time to walk you through the steps from how to access your incentives to installing new fixtures and lights that reduce your energy bill.

“It’s time to change more than just your lightbulb, let’s change how you view alternative and efficient energy.


Retrofitting for an office building or a commercial space is the act of replacing and/or rewiring lights to reduce energy consumption. Many of our projects involve using LED bulbs for energy reduction and conservation. 


Most offices and commercial spaces have lights that haven’t been upgraded in years, causing finicky circuits and higher temperatures in the workplace. We aim to solve that problem by using T8 and T5 bulbs along with organized wiring of circuits and lights.

Peace of Mind

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Lower Energy Bills

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Cooler Spaces

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A Bang for your Buck

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Why sit in a dark room with lights that do nothing for your eyes and nothing for the environment when you don’t have to?


Retrofitting can lower your energy bill by at least 30%, and reduce your carbon footprint by 50%. Not to mention having a cooler workspace in the summer and a more vibrant environment in the winter. 


LED lights also offer a longer life span at a lower cost than previous lighting fixtures. It’s easy to see why more companies are going green with these options for energy savings.


It’s more than just a lightbulb change, it’s a reduction in your financial and energy output.

Whether you want to reduce your energy bill or create a more vibrant environment? We’re here to simplify the process and get you started on a more energy-efficient workspace. Take the first step today and download our free energy reduction brochure.

Is Energy Reduction for You?

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